Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Street of Dreams - "Capture the Imagination"

Well hello again,
I just wanted to give you all a sneak peak at my latest project. My firm will be participating in this years Street of Dreams. It is a showcase of the newest houses/condos and designers in Oregon. I will post more as the project rolls along. You can also stop by the show to see it first hand. It opens July 30Th and runs though August. Look for more details in the weeks to come. -Katy Nida

Concept Statement:

Just because you live in the industrial city, it does not mean you can’t capture the natural world. Urban organic style marries the two perfectly, creating a balance of bold, urban edge with whimsical, organic atmosphere. Our space is inspired by the metropolitan skyline and now it interacts with the ecological surroundings Portland is best known for.

And to top it off, our design is environmentally friendly. Low VOC paint, reclaimed wood from fallen trees and the use of local vendors in the Portland area all contribute to our sustainable style. You do not have to sacrifice fashion to be eco friendly and our space should prove that to you.

Our ultimate goal is to build a fun, energetic, and daring statement. We have created a space to not only capture your imagination, but to let it run wild!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Person of the Week: Carlos Stevens - Art Director

Signature Urban Identity: Colorful Surrealist

Well Hello all,

I am very excited to introduce the first person to be featured on Urban Identity, Carlos Stevens. He is an extremely talented motion animator and currently an Art Director for a well known animation house in Seattle. So what the heck is a "Motion Animator" you ask? I have no idea and I date one, but the best way to describe it is a graphic designer who works on movies and commercials. Although you might not know Carlos's name, I am sure you have seen his work at some point. If you flip on the TV and see a Sprint commercial, you are looking at his creation. Sharpie is about to launch three new commercials that he directed as well.

The truth is that Mr. Stevens' passion lies in making movies however. His recent short film entitled Toumai was a nominee at the Student Academy Awards. The film traveled world wide showing at various film festivals last year. I proved lucky enough to escort Carlos to a screening in LA of his film.

I asked the enthusiastic director to tell me about his signature style and he had the following to say:

"I am a colorful surrealist. I tend to focus on the realm that lies just beyond sight. I live in an imaginative world that blooms with crooked trees, cracked mud and raging clouds. My style is a mixed media of sorts, but entirely depends upon my goal. Pencil sketch and washes of watercolor often find their way into my personal aesthetic, but I have worked in most digital and tangible mediums as well. I live to merge reality with imagination."

Carlos's goal is for his audience to take a powerful message away with them. If he can teach or inspire with his films and creations, his work is complete.

Carlos Stevens